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My Approach to Counselling

We can experience different challenges or distressing events in life that we often struggle through without help, these can be recent life events or issues that have been with us for a long time.  Whilst it can seem daunting to open up and share the issues you are dealing with, evidence shows that it can really help to talk about what’s going on with a trained professional.  Counsellors are specially trained to listen and understand your distress and work with you to help you find a more empowered perspective.

​As no two people are the same I believe that therapy needs to be tailored to your unique requirements. I will work collaboratively with you in a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment to help you explore whatever you wish to talk about.  I listen to you to understand your perspective and help to create an environment where you can better understand yourself and your issues. I will help you to work through what is going on for you and support you in finding a way forward that is right for you.


I initially qualified as a Humanistic Therapist (person centred) and this means that I work with you at your pace in a non-judgemental and supportive way, focussing on the issues that you choose to bring. I have also undertaken further specialised training in a number of areas and bring these principles to bear, when appropriate, within sessions. 

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is hugely important in the counselling process and as such it is important that you feel I have the right approach for you.  I offer a reduced rate for the first session so that you can get an understanding of how I work and decide whether you feel I am the right counsellor for you.

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